Part Nineteen: Healing

Part Nineteen: Healing

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Focus on the kind of Love which energizes life and fuels the desire to correct errors. Beware of the Love which is disguised and has intent to control or dominate. Do not give away the free will to self determine in the name of Love. Love does not control nor have expectations. Love accepts all without condition. Within the collective and in personal relationships, a bond of Love based on mutual acceptance yields only positive results. It is this form of Love which recognizes the capacity to make errors and offers the opportunity to heal them in one another. Love deeply and completely for the Light of Love which emerges from the heart will illuminate every cell within, while expanding out to touch the heart and lives of others. The desire to change in order to manifest the fullness of life is an expression of Love.

The desire to change begins with meditation. Initiate this journey with a commitment to practice each and every day. Healing meditations starts at 03:00 AM, after having four hours of sleep and followed by another four hours. Hinderances, distractions and other stumbling blocks will seek to kibosh these plans. Maintain focus on this objective. Organize daily activities to navigate life in this direction. 

In order to improve the quality of meditations, physical adjustments may be necessary in order to  improve the flow of energy within the body and its connection to the  Spirit. Healing and other enhanced capabilities becomes a natural byproduct of this journey but not the objective. 

The flow of energy within the body can be controlled with meditation. Improving the flow of energy will improve the quality of meditations. The main pipeline which connects the brain with the rest of the body runs along the spinal column. Misalignment of a single vertebrae will result in blockages that impede the flow of energy. This can be caused by accidents, abuse, repetitive stress or even poor posture. Chiropractic or osteopathic adjustments can remove such impediments. There are practitioners who are familiar with such energy work but most of the adjustments can be done under the guidance of the indwelling Spirit.

Self adjustment is possible during a meditation session but it requires patience and faith in oneself. This can be achieved by yielding control of the physical body to the indwelling Spirit. Ask the mind to take a back seat and remain silent. As a function of the body-consciousness, the physical body is always aware of what is needed to achieve perfect health. During meditation the process will be spontaneous. When the body is ready, the steps will percolate into the consciousness as an innate desire to manipulate the arms, legs, neck, head or spine. The self manipulation is performed by yielding control of the body to the Spirit. These adjustments cannot be forced nor controlled. The mind would try to interfere every step of the way by injecting its own methods using logic for justification. Exercise restraint for incorrect movements can cause harm. Success can be achieved by quieting the mind and having faith in the indwelling Spirit.

Adjusting the body to improve energy flow is an ongoing process in conjunction with personal growth. Dedicate part of a meditation session for this purpose at most once per week. Initiate the healing session by assuming a posture where the body-consciousness will find conducive to physical adjustments. This can be achieved by sitting on a firm but comfortable chair, spine gently erect, palms on the lap facing downwards and feet gently placed flat on the floor. Ask the mind to step aside and remain silent. Know that the mind is like a child with a short attention span, and will quickly interfere. When this happens, be patient and gently ask the mind to return to its place of silence. Do not dismiss the thoughts which were offered. Honour the mind by making mental notes so that they can be addressed at a more conducive time.

Even if it is not an objective, the healing process will be activated with dedication to meditation. Success often occurs within the first few sessions. The feeling of elation after experiencing success will create a desire to repeat the process. Be patient, for the body will need time to complete the adjustment in order to fully heal itself, thus the frequency of once per week. Each adjustment in the area of the spine will percolate to the various energy centres in order to complete the healing. These centres will need time for the healing process to complete. Healing can take up to seven days. Be sensitive to all physical conditions in order to become aware when the adjustments are complete.

As one becomes more proficient, the specified time chosen to meditate will feel inadequate. At this stage, the time can be increased gradually, perhaps from 15 to 20, 30 to 45, or 45-60 minutes. Sixty minutes is a sufficient goal. If there is a desire to go beyond one hour, then multiple sessions perhaps at dawn, 03:00 AM and again at dusk may serve to improve the journey.

The desire to meditate will continue to grow as positive results are realized in daily activities. The feeling of happiness and the sense calm in conjunction of improved physical and mental functions will be an incentive to invest deeper into the practice. Be patient and trust the guidance which emerges from within. Take time to contemplate personal choices, for each one is like a root which nourishes the tree to which it is connected; the tree of life. On this journey, growths which were manifested as errors are cut down and replaced with new seeds, thereby creating a beautiful tree; the symbol of a new being. Be therefore consoled in this Truth that life is being renewed on this personal journey of success and happiness.

Life will no longer be the same. Sensitivity to self and others will grow. Emotions will touch the deepest recesses of the soul. The world would feel like it is upside down when there is injustice, betrayal, or any form of disappointment. Love will take on a different meaning where everyone will be accepted regardless of condition. Love will radiate from every cell of the body and through every thought in the mind. Love will be expressed as compassion. When asked, the heart will choose to give freely without expectations. Empathy for the disenfranchised will translate into kindness, charity and imparting of hope. An attitude of thankfulness will fill the new consciousness which is being reborn and create a state of happiness which extends to the depths of the subconscious.