Part Eighteen: The Book of Errors

Part Eighteen: The Book of Errors

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Society can be defined as a group of vastly different individuals coming together for a single purpose. The same definition applies to families, organizations and even personal relationships. Distinct from the whole is the role of the individual; each with a different function, coexisting with the collective. Each person is unique and propelled by personal responsibility for current and future states of being. When a single cell within the body ails, the whole body feels the impact. It is the same with the collective. Disfunction occurs when one individual is out of harmony with the whole. On this journey, life will not synchronize with the collective as the individual will forge unique personal perspectives and face the challenge of being different.

Within society, no one person is perfect. All have erred. Somewhere in the past, the direction of life changed because of personal choices made in error. Errors are the consequences of choices based on  fear, instead of the Love and Truth. These are the errors which are responsible for the current state of the mind. Identifying, reversing, and correcting them is the objective at that stage of the journey. The road to victory starts here. 

All that is understood about life and its purpose is limited by the capabilities of the mind. Much like a computer, the capabilities of each person are defined by a series of programs held within the mind. For example, morality is one of these ‘programs’ created  with the assistance of parents and society. Life is dynamic in nature because programs can be added, changed or deleted as a function of the free will. Exercising the free will to choose is an innate power to enact self determination. Meditation is the key which can open a doorway that leads beyond the confines of the mind’s programming  to the totality of existence. It is the doorway to Truth.

The development of the mind can be paralleled with the upgrading of a computer. Installing new software on top of an old operating system can cause unexplainable errors. It is much like placing a patch on a tattered garment; it will only create a larger rend. Experts always advise to first, erase the old operating system and its programs before the installing new software. This method would result in a more efficient and reliable computer. To fulfill the purpose for being here on earth at this time, patterns or programs which define the mind must first be disassembled, removed and then intentionally rebuilt from the ground up upon a foundation of Truth. As described earlier, this process symbolizes death and rebirth.

On life’s journey of reprogramming, in which the mind has been seeded during meditation, the indwelling Spirit will assume the drivers seat. Physical and mental adjustments resulting from dietary changes, in conjunction with meditation will result in a shift in consciousness where the mechanics of the psych will become visible, revealing errors which were engineered into its structure. Parameters will also become visible to reverse engineer the structure so it can be rebuilt with new programming. Dietary changes will flush toxins from the body, improving the efficiency of the endocrine system. Spirit will have the ability to direct the flow of hormones to energy centres which results in a change in attitude towards life. This change will impact both the physical and mental conditions and result in an innate desire to manifest Love and Truth in all situations, thereby dissolving the errors held within the mechanics of the mind. 

With Spirit, (the archetype of life sitting in the drivers seat) life will undergo many changes resulting from reprogramming the mind. Life will feel different. Situations will be approached with different attitudes and expectations. Errors will become visible during routine daily activities. It will become so clear that the errors being encountered were the architects of an old way of life and must be reassessed within a new paradigm, one of Love and Truth. The innate desire to manifest Love and Truth will be compelling.

Hasten not to act impulsively but instead take a deep breath and exercise patience, yielding command to Spirit. Observe the feelings which are emerging from within. Observe the attitudes, emotions and expectations which are appearing from the mind. Observe the physical reaction within the body. This is the juncture between reliving old patterns and rebuilding the mechanics of the psyche upon the foundation of Love and Truth. An opportunity is being presented to regain that which was lost in the past by allowing fear to motivate, thereby allowing errors to take seed. It is an opportunity to end external domination and to reassert individuality and self-determination. 

Keep detailed notes in a journal as errors are encountered. Include the date and time of the events and outline the roles of all involved. Describe personal attitudes, the state of the conscience, and the feelings experienced before, during, and after. The value of a journal is found in reviewing the written events at a more contemplative time in order to find solutions. Some answers may be obvious, whereas others may appear during meditation or in the dream state. Be patient and persevere and these answers will come. On this journey, looking through eyes of the indwelling Spirit will forever be a source of Truth. Include solutions as they appear and when successfully applied. The journal will create a road map of progress and ultimately become a personal manual of instruction.

Healing is a silent and invisible force which occurs during the process of reengineering the psyche. Certain errors will manifest as physical or mental conditions. Dissolving the error will consequently dissolve the condition, enabling the body to restore itself to a natural state, which is perfect health. The resulting healing may be invisible to the mind or seen as the miracle of healing. Certain conditions are connected to karmic issues originating in previous lives and may be healed in the current lifetime or require multiple lives to be addressed. Some conditions may be the result of personal choice due to a karmic commitment. Many of these remain unexplained in the medical field, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, genetic diseases and autoimmune disorders, to list just a few.

When travelling an old road with new attitudes and expectations, situations will always appear to challenge both the mind and the body. Avoid negative thoughts and instead view them as opportunities to fulfill a purpose by dissolving the errors. Victory will be dependent on the ability to manifest the power of the free will to maintain course. Know that the strength and the courage lies deep within, and victory is only a choice. Nurture an attitude of expectancy where the road being travelled is paved with discarded errors.

Know the elements of life which lie within and learn how to recognize them. Love, Truth, Peace, Patience and Creativity are facets of the indwelling Spirit. Like seeds, they wait patiently to be nurtured so they can grow and blossom into happiness. Learn how to recognize when life is on a pathway navigated by the compass pointing to happiness. Embrace the opportunities at hand by being aware and vigilant at all times.

Choose a new name, one which represents the new person that is being built. Visualize a rock, sturdy and unmovable; a rock of Truth which symbolizes the new person being created. Meditate upon the desire to find a name and allow it to emerge from within. The mind would seek to intervene and offer many names. Be thankful for the kindness being offered and respectfully decline. With an attitude of expectancy, the answer will come. A name will appear in the consciousness, one which resonates with the commitment to the Journey. Patience, Rock, Hope, Kind One, Penitent, Joy, Faith are a few examples. Honour this name as it is sacred. Share it with no one, for it is a symbol of a sacred being. Hold the name within the consciousness at the start of each meditation session.  

Nurture the virtues of the Spirit. The mind and body must always be prepared, for the time and place of the next challenge is unknown. Do not be caught unprepared. External aids can serve as reminders to always be alert. For example, an arm band made of beads or seeds was used by certain indigenous tribes to symbolize the start a new journey or a new commitment. Some may prefer a mantra such as, “I Am All That I Am”, “I Am Love” or “I Am Truth”, to serve as reminder. Mantras can be effective when repeated at scheduled times, such as before sleep, in the morning or before each meal. Again, it is a personal journey and all aspects should remain private-including the mantra or any other symbol; otherwise there is a potential to become prideful thereby allowing valuable energy to escape. Personal aids will be unique to each person. Questions will arise from friends and family regarding the new source of happiness and the new path. Be forthcoming if there are earnest questions. Be not prideful in knowing that at this stage, the student becomes the teacher.