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This book shows how meditation can be used to discover and harness the untapped essence of human life. Additionally, this book explores how to   utilize meditation to solve the unhappiness conundrum which exists in today’s society; where the formative years were scored by a history of life-defining traditions, resulting in cookie-cutter personalities and a mundane existence. The concept of a self-directed life, with a person being navigated towards complete mental, spiritual, physical and emotional potential has over time become a foreign concept for the benefit of an hierarchical society controlled by the rich and powerful. Seekers have failed to find solutions though traditional avenues such as the dogma preached by religious institutions, or through psychological counselling offered by mainstream society.

Meditation is a tool which can be used to find meaningful answers which will result in success and happiness. In this book, the elementary steps of meditation are first introduced, followed by the types of experiences, knowledge and wisdom that may be encountered along the way. 

The later chapters show how to take meditation to a state beyond a few minutes of musing, to a level where it becomes a whole life experience; necessary for accessing the inner recesses of the psyche in order to activate untapped abilities. 

Through meditation it will become clear how to untangle connections from the past, which have resulted in the current state of being. Furthermore, it will become possible to open a door to a future where life can be embraced in the fullest; one where the trajectory is mental, spiritual, physical and emotional happiness. The current holding pattern, created by past actions which resulted in societal slavery will be dissolved by leading a life under the command of inner spiritual guidance.

If you are prepared to embark on such a journey to discover truth, solve the unhappiness conundrum, and achieve full potential, then sit back and buckle up, for you are in for a ride of your life.