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Part Sixteen: Forgiveness

The phrases “I am sorry, please forgive me” and “I forgive you”, are standard responses in certain situations. In today’s society, uttering such words is considered the resolution to what initially created division. It may be sufficient in that moment, but dynamics of true forgiveness are vastly different and complex.

A dedicated practice of meditation will open the door to a new reality where life will be viewed with different eyes. The mundane everyday reality which follows traditional pathways will be questioned. Life will be redefined based on a new paradigm where the indwelling Spirit becomes the source of guidance. Traditional pathways will be replaced. It is an awakening which will ultimately change the direction of life in the physical realm. 

The gentle, slow, and focused breath while meditating creates a state of calm which energizes life in the moment. Within that moment, the freedom to choose holds the power to define and redefine life. 

The path towards happiness can be a rocky and challenging journey. Each person deals with these challenges in their own ways. When questions arise regarding this journey, there is no specific answer; as each journey is specific to the individual, and each individual will require different answers. Answers hold the power to change the nature of a person. Answers will forge a new and unique human being by personifying hopes and desires. By exercising the freedom to choose, each person orchestrates life as the creator of a unique human being. Responsibility for this person lies with its creator. Karma emerges out of personal responsibility. 

The conscience operates as a link between the mind and the Spirit. Spirit writes on the tablet of the conscience with feeling that can be seen and understood by the mind. The dynamics of dreams are similar, where the minds sees what the Spirit offers. By doing this, an opportunity is being presented to make different choices; ones which would erase the old writing and result in a clear conscience. Such is the nature of ‘forgiveness’. Once employed, it holds the power to create a clear conscience.

In today’s society when someone offends, resulting in a desire to restore the relationship, seeking forgiveness plays a significant role. The desire to seek forgiveness will be based on the state of the offender’s conscience. Phrases such as: “I am sorry, please forgive me” and “I forgive you”, are typically used to restore the relationship. However, these words do not necessarily mean the offender is truly repentant. The truly penitent will first make amends before uttering those words. For example, if someone betrays trust by stealing money, it should be repaid in full, with interest, before attempting to seek forgiveness. Additionally, the truly penitent would make life changes to ensure the offence would not be repeated. In circumstances which involve bodily injury, infidelity or death, where avenues for recompense is rarely possible (or even impossible), the process of forgiveness will transcend this physical life. The state of the conscience will determine whether Karma will emerge out of personal responsibility. Thinking back, the beggar who gave his life by suffering through hunger repaid a Karmic debt. In a past life, he had allowed others to die from hunger. His conscience dictated that he must experience the same in order to understand the true meaning of selfless Love.

In another story, there were two brothers who grew up so close, they would walk the streets arm in arm. Unknowing to the younger brother, the older had the makings of a crook. This was realized when their father crossed over and left an inheritance to be equally shared. Although the younger had no desire for money, honour dictated that their father’s wishes should be followed. However, this was not possible because the older brother had already orchestrated a path where he could steal all the money. The younger brother did not fight the older in court. Instead, he accepted the outcome and tried unsuccessfully to rekindle the brotherly relationship, while believing that he was a victim of circumstance. Meanwhile, the older brother was satisfied with the feeling that he outwitted the rest of the family. Karmic ties can be difficult to understand in the bitter moment of a challenge. If all the actions in a person’s life are underlined by Love and Truth, then existing Karmic conditions would be met and new ones would not be created. In this case, the younger brother’s actions were based on unconditional Love. One can only assume that the older brother chose this life to offer an opportunity to the younger brother to manifest Love and Truth instead of anger and resentment. Perhaps it is also an opportunity of the older brother to re-ignite the capacity to feel remorse and seek forgiveness by returning the stolen money.

Acceptance without any conditions is an expression belonging to the purest form of Love. Accepting the injustice perpetrated upon oneself (consider the younger brother in the previous analogy) or acting out of compassion to help the unfortunate is Loving without expecting anything in return. Here on earth, the human experience is an amazing opportunity where interaction is a mirror reflecting the true nature of a person. Life is not meant to be a bed of roses. The thorns open the door to the true nature of a person. Discord is an opportunity to witness the unfolding of the psyche. It is an opportunity to replace the patterns of the past with unconditional acceptance. It is an opportunity for personal growth.

Life is far more than money, food, sleep or sensual experiences. When this is the framework, it limits potential. People are meant to reach the height of personal greatness by embracing full potential. Consider this; someone who steals money without feeling guilt exists within a limited framework. People are not simply physical entities existing within this limited framework. Experiences are not confined only to physical parameters. Each life is multidimensional, with only a small part of an existential construct experiencing three-dimensional reality here on earth. The challenges faced through human interaction offer the opportunity to experience the limitations of existence and choose a different path which embraces the full potential. Manifesting all facets of the indwelling spirit is the way to embrace full potential. Lastly, the purpose for being here is to embrace the fullness of human potential.

Challenges arise out of the day to day experiences. Instead of analyzing one another to lay blame and engage in comparisons, there is greater benefit in analyzing oneself (one’s own personal psyche) to determine which aspects created the challenge. Forgiveness is not about ceasing resentment towards each other but is instead about accepting the imperfections in life and choosing to move forward. At the same time, it is about choosing to substitute with Love and Truth. Unconditional acceptance of one another means replacing discord with Love and Truth. Life is about developing the nature where Love and Truth is the basis of all interactions. It is the perfect way to dissolve Karma and fulfill the purpose for being here on earth.

In a perfect world, the term ‘forgiveness’ would be intentionally replaced by ‘acceptance’. When the wronged expresses acceptance without any condition or expectation, it is an act of Love. It gives the offender the opportunity to experience remorse and make amends. The wronged does not have power over ‘forgiveness’; only the ability to express acceptance. The true act of seeking forgiveness first comes with remediation followed by intentional behaviour changes. In other words, if the offender if truly penitent, life changes would be made to ensure that the offence will not be repeated. It is seeking forgiveness with affirmative action. When the changes align with the nature of the indwelling Spirit, it is following the purpose for incarnating.

Part Fifteen: Being

The nature of a person on earth at any given moment is determined by the functions of the psyche. The nature of the psyche was designed during the formative years, at a time when the receptive mind was imprinted with patterns from its surroundings. Parents, friends, teachers, siblings, church, and school all played roles in the formation of the adolescent’s mind. Past lives also play a role in the nature of life. Patterns from past lives are stored in the subconscious and become accessible when they are needed. Both the conscious and subconscious mind influence personal choice and thereby, the nature of life. Furthermore, while daily activities follow societal programming, the response to new and unexpected situations is influenced by the subconscious. To Explain, when patterns from familiar experiences cannot provide answers, there is an immediate and involuntary response from the subconscious. The mind takes a back seat, allowing introspection in the moment which allows access to the vast store house of the subconscious. The resulting choice will be based on themes established during the past. For example, Love and Truth would influence a current decision, when it was also chosen in the past. Past lives which were based on fear will influence current situations with facets such as greed, subjugation, or control. The response from introspection will feel instinctive or natural. It would take place without realizing it happened in the moment.

It is important to understand that the nature of the psyche does not negate the power of free will. The direction a person follows is determined by the individual’s choice; therefore a person has the freedom to choose their next steps, regardless of what is held in the conscious or subconscious. Performing daily activities will generally follow patterns in the conscious mind; this is the result of personal choice. In all circumstances (except for some accidents) the freedom to choose a different path will always be an available option. The freedom to choose is available to everyone in each moment. Furthermore that choosing a path of inaction, or a passive response is still a conscious choice. The nature of the person being demonstrated in the moment is a result of past choices. The human condition is a result of personal responsibility. The freedom to change is a choice which is incumbent upon each individual.

Exercising the freedom to choose is the greatest power an individual can wield. It can transcend the mind and the subconscious. It can transcend all that is true or false in the personification of human life. Change is possible by simply choosing a different direction, and making the choice to remain dedicated to this change. Choosing to personify Love and Truth means embracing the true nature of the self. It is being normal. It is a pathway which will create a state of happiness. Love and Truth are facets of the indwelling Spirit and happiness is the natural state of the Spirit. 

This feeling of happiness is a compass which points towards the indwelling Spirit. The purpose for being in the physical realm can be fulfilled by using this compass to navigate life.

Part Fourteen: Birth

Truth will dissolve the fear of death. Life is much bigger than what the mind is capable of perceiving with the physical senses. It is continuous. It is eternal and death is more-so the end of one experience. Shedding the clothing of clay is done so simply to release the instrument which enables physical experience. The mind cannot see the totality of existence since the physical senses were designed as instruments which can be stimulated and used only by the physical body. In other words, the conscious mind cannot see what lies outside this physical realm which we call life. However, information about the realms beyond can be gathered during meditation. Through this doorway lies the vast expanse of totality, a place where an understanding of the mechanics of birth becomes visible.

The vast complexity of the body can be seen in publications such as Gray’s Anatomy, written by Henry Gray (1827 – 1861), the autonomist. It describes in detail, the various components and their function. The basic building blocks of the human body are cells, and trillions are required for existence. At a microscopic level, each cell is composed of trillions of atoms which work as a unit to ensure function.

Organs are built from cells. The body is kept alive by its organs all working in unison. For example, the brain is the command centre, the lungs take oxygen into the body, the heart pumps oxygenated blood through the body, the stomach receives food that nourished the body, and so on. However, the functioning of the human body is far more complex than the synchronous operation of a few organs. There is far more to the story.

Glands are also built from cells. The endocrine system is a network of glands which manufacture hormones. Hormones are circulated through the blood stream to produce specific functions. Feelings experienced in daily activities will activate the endocrine system. Feelings originate from the mind’s intention. For example, situations that invoke fear will activate the adrenaline gland, (among others) to create a ‘fight or flight’ reaction. The thyroid gland releases hormones which help maintain balance in the areas of the bowels and heart. An imbalance can result in hypertension, constipation, or diarrhea, among other ailments. The sensations created within the body when communicating through voice or otherwise, is one of the factors that impact the functioning of the thyroid. When the desire to manifest Truth underlines communication, hormones necessary for creating balance within the body will be released into the bloodstream. In comparison, a personality entangled in deception will release hormones which will result in an imbalance. Notwithstanding accidents and environmental conditions, there is a direct relationship between the longevity of a human body and the mind’s connection with Truth. In other words, the people who live the longest have a mental framework underlined by Truth. Total balance is created within the human body when the mind’s intention is underlined by Love and Truth. 

The human body is truly a marvel. Its design and function have baffled scientific minds throughout history. Each cell is like a whole universe. The microscopic vastness, complexity and detail is much like looking at the sky on a starry night, wondering how far it extends and what mysteries they hold. Scientific minds define the size of the cosmos by what can be measured or observed. The knowledge base continues to grow with new discoveries. Logic would dictate that the cosmos extends beyond the confines of the mind’s perception — and totality, even further. The life force or Spirit which animates the body, also exists in a place that is outside the realm which the mind is capable of perceiving. The Spirit reaches into the physical through the mind, in order to experience three-dimensional existence. For this purpose, the collective desires of the Spiritual realm created the illusion of three-dimensional existence for the purpose of experiencing the sensations of the mind. The potential is limitless. 

In order that it may experience the physical plane, Spirit animates a human body through physical birth. Birth is neither the beginning; nor is death the end; but only a part of the continuous flow where states such as the physical and ethereal are experiences in the revolving landscape of life. A single lifetime is a series of experiences orchestrated by the mind, experienced by the body and directed by the Spirit. From the perspective of the Spirit, a physical lifetime is but a moment filled with experiences or opportunities. Within that moment, it is the free will which holds the potential through experiences, to either evolve or devolve. The current state of humanity is the result of this free will.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Karma as “the force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and, in its ethical consequences, to determine the nature of the person’s next existence”. The Truth about Karma is often misunderstood as a force beyond the control of the person. It is the Spirit however, which enacts the force and decides how it unfolds in the revolving doorway of physical birth and death. 

The physical world can be viewed as a grand theatre in which all of humanity are the actors. Parents, friends, teachers, siblings, fiancés and even strangers all play a role in the drama of life. Each individual is the director of a personal narrative. The performances of today will determine how life unfolds tomorrow and whether success and happiness are written into the manuscript. The mind is only capable of seeing a perspective of the drama where the cast and relationships are circumstantial, but this is not the whole story. The rest of the story unfolds with events that take place between physical death and birth. 

The soul is a crucible for experiences orchestrated by the mind, its affect and its associated emotions. The soul survives physical death and is eternally connected to the Spirit. Multiple souls would be associated with each Spirit, one for each lifetime. Each soul can be identified by a name, the one associated with the physical body during the time on the earth. For example, the collective experiences of someone called Mary or Jack would live on as unique souls associated with their respective Spirits. All that was gained or lost would remain in the crucible until the opportunity to make changes is presented.

The Spirit would have the opportunity to review past lives and select the events to be experienced in the next physical incarnation. Past experiences which resulted in devolution would be chosen. Reliving the events would offer the opportunity to choose next actions differently whereby a devolving soul would have an opportunity to change, grow and become one with the Spirit. Evolution of the soul is returning to the state of oneness with the Spirit.

Prior to birth, a drama would be organized which would offer this opportunity. A cast would be selected with members who are willing to help. Most of the members would have shared prior life experiences and be connected by a bond of Love. The cast would also have the opportunity to grow and change. The drama would orchestrate events that would create the physical and emotional environment suitable for the challenge. The place on earth would be selected with a suitable political, economic, social and moral environment. A timeline for the series of births would be established and grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, etcetera, would queue to enter the stage.

The life currently being lived by each person on earth is the unfolding of this drama. It begins at birth with a clean slate where the memories from past life experiences are not connected. Each person’s life is navigated by the free will. As the drama unfolds, the choice will determine whether there will be success or failure. When personal choice is based on the direction given by the gentle voice heard within the silence of the consciousness, then the drama would unfold as designed prior to birth. The entity would evolve through change and growth. The inverse is also true. If inner guidance is ignored and instead fear steps into the picture, the soul will continue on a path of devolution. This is the true meaning of Karma.

It is easy to judge someone who is wearing tattered clothing, and who is unkept, drunk or unsavourily fragrant, especially if they are occupying the doorstep of your home. A drama is unfolding with a beggar and rich man who were once brothers. Both agreed to help each other in the next physical incarnation. The rich man needed to learn about compassion. The beggar needed to experience poverty. As the drama unfolds, one was born to a family with great wealth which eventually became his inheritance. The other was born to less fortunate circumstances and ended up begging in the street. 

In this drama, the stage is set where the rich man is being challenged to learn about compassion. At the same time, the beggar is experiencing the true meaning of poverty, hunger, and need. As the story unfolds, every day the beggar asks the rich man for food and is ignored. The appeals for food became stronger and more emotional as the days go by. One day, the beggar is not there. The rich man learns that he has died. All the wealth in the world could not negate the feeling of anguish and remorse. One night, he dreams about a wise man who could heal people by feeding them. He immediately understands the meaning of the dream. He is the wise man and the less fortunate are symbolized by the sick. Healing the sick means finding a way to help the poor. His house is converted to a home for the homeless. Guided by a dream, the rich man learned how to Love unconditionally by expressing the compassion he felt in his heart. 

The law of Karma as expressed in this drama, gave the rich man the opportunity to express Love in the form of compassion. It also gave the poor man the opportunity to experience long-suffering and patience. It was an opportunity for the soul to evolve and unite with the Spirit as one.

It is easy to judge when a child with a congenital disease enters the physical world. In this drama, the child chose this life to provide an opportunity for the parents to learn how to Love unconditionally by being patient, kind, caring and humble. 

The drama of life can extend beyond families to include organizations, churches, and even whole countries. Natural disasters for example can be the result of group Karma. 

A view of the drama, through the meditative state or otherwise, can reveal how the future may unfold. The mind sees this as prophetic. Free will can change the trajectory of the story and invalidate what is seen by the mind as prophetic. 

It is easy to judge the drama of life when the mind does not know the whole story. The revolving doorway of physical life and death offers the repeating opportunity to embrace the true nature of the Spirit by underlying all situations with Love and Truth. Such is the vast power of Love and Truth which extends beyond the mind to the far reaches of the Universe and all of existence.

Existence, amazing and complex as it may appear is created with Truth and held together with Love. Still the mind, and this Truth becomes so clear. Every person’s innate desire and purpose is manifesting Love and Truth. For many, fear has changed the trajectory. Fear manifests as greed, the desire for power and control, etcetera. The nature of mankind has changed due to the infusion of fear in almost every aspect of life. Experiences involving fear seems natural and accepted as the norm by so many. Taking a moment in time, aside from the bustle of everyday life, to reflect and reconnect with the true self which exists outside societal slavery, will open the door to the Spirit within and reveal the true nature of life. Once embraced, the trajectory of the journey will forever change. Fear will no longer become the underlying theme in life, but instead, be replaced by facets of the indwelling Spirit, which are Love and Truth. The soul will evolve to become one with the Spirit and an aura of happiness will illuminate the entity whether the sojourn is on earth or elsewhere.