Daily archives: August 5, 2020

Part Thirteen: Death

It is too easy to lose sight of who we are. We share this planet equally with all life forms – brothers and sisters all from one mother: the earth. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, and are clothed and fed from one source. All flesh is from the one source.

The earth provides sufficiently for everyone. The human perspective denotes superiority of humans over all other life forms and for some, this notion of superiority over others includes some other humans as well. Perhaps it is wisdom – or utter silliness! Wisdom; because so much has been achieved materially. For example, humankind is the only species on the planet that can build something as complex as an automobile out of the raw materials gathered from the earth. Silliness, because humans have pillaged and polluted the earth, which is not only a home, but also the source of clothing, food, air and water. What does humanity need, or what consequence does humankind need to face in order to see the Truth?

The world is always changing and evolving. Humankind, however, appears to be devolving based on the collective disrespect of the planet and other life forms, including – and especially – oneself. All life on the planet falls under the same physical principles. All are born, then they live, and then eventually they die. All breathe the same air and drink the same water. All beings have bodies created out of the dust of the planet. Humans however, view their own species as different; the power of the mind setting them apart. The mind is like a massive computer which can be used in the most amazing ways, such as (for example) building an automobile. The mind can be used for positive or negative. Look at the current state of the world and observe how negativity has crept into the highest positions. The power of the negative is vast and resistant. It ignores the truth: that each life form has a free and equal share of the numerous resources the planet offers. Beyond using resources for what one needs, the human mind desires and chooses to horde, steal, dominate and instigate wars for selfish and dominating purposes. In this regard, we live in dangerous times because of the potential of negativity’s power to destroy the planet, life and the way of life. Not everyone, however, is devolving. It is a time for the awakened to honour personal convictions by moving onward and fulfilling goals; also, by becoming a living example of the true nature of life, which is Love and Truth.

Each day, the sun rises to awakening life. At the moment in time when the light emerges over the horizon, a dance begins. Birds seek out the highest branches of the tallest tree hoping to be the first to experience the moment when the stillness and silence of the night is transformed into a bright and bustling landscape; just to feel alive. The energizing rays of the sun begin a journey across the sky, nourishing the earth. The sunlight has been awakening the earth each and every day for an eternity and will continue for another eternity. 

Spirit is Passion. As part of the existential construct, Spirit continues an eternal journey through the realms expressing its passion by igniting hope. It is this hope which is transformed into the intention of manifesting Love and Truth. In order to express its passion in the physical plane, Spirit formed a vessel out of clay, the dust of the earth, in order that it may travel into this ream. In other words, through physical birth, Spirit created the opportunity to express itself here on earth. The expression of the indwelling Spirit is the manifestation of Love and Truth enabled by the creation of the conscious mind. With the entry of the initial Spirit into the physical plane, it is the start of a cycle of new life here on earth.

Collectively, the consciousness of humanity has been evolving. The minds of grandparents and parents are vastly different from their children and more so, from their grandchildren. Attitudes and expectations regarding morals, religion, and science have morphed throughout time. Compared to the distant past, life is vastly different today because of the growing knowledge base held within the confines of technology. The existential construct of the mind remains the same, but its capabilities have grown exponentially due to the use of technology and the knowledge gathered throughout history. It is easy to question whether the use of technology results in evolution or devolution. Lessons can be learnt by using technology to view the past. Pain and suffering caused by the actions of humankind can also be magnified as a result of the same technology. Technology can be used to hide, politicize and colour the view of reality to the point where the mind sees it as ‘normal’. Nonetheless, although hidden, the capability of manifesting the Love and Truth remains intrinsic to the function of human life and this miracle in life can be reawakened. Individual action holds the potential to change the collective, thereby changing the trajectory.

The consciousness is like a page in a book. Turn the page and the story changes. Furthermore, actions of the mind hold power to change the story. Guided by the Spirit, the underlying theme of the story will be Love and Truth. Meditation is a tool which can be used to align the energy centres of the physical body, enabling the Spirit to orchestrate life through the energy centres. Furthermore, this will assist the navigation of the collective in the direction of Love and Truth. Each mind who follows the example of the awakened is one more individual moving the world in a direction underlined by Love and Truth.

Imagine a world where Spirit and the mind unite with one purpose. The result will be true happiness. True happiness does not fade with time, it transcends physical life and remains within the consciousness beyond physical death. 

The subject of death is often avoided when it is related to personal mortality. Certain age groups focus on preparing materially for the future, but death plays no part in the equation. In popular media (including movies and video games) death is something which is feasible only for the elderly. Thus, it is sufficient if it remains a foreign concept. The Truth however, remains in the recesses of the mind where it subconsciously acknowledges death will have a role to play in the future. In the grand theatre of life, the concluding chapter will eventually be reached. When this Truth is accepted, it will result in an adjustment of attitudes and perspectives. It will offer a more clear vision of the landscape of life and an opportunity to prepare for what lies beyond the horizon. The cycle of brith, death and subsequent rebirth will be accepted is part of the existential construct.

The landscape of life is built upon hope, which is the nature of the Spirit. It is a place where intentions emerge simply because hope exists. The Spirit exercises patience waiting for the mind to heed its call to embrace new intentions. It may take an eternity for the mind to respond, however Spirit waits patiently with the hope that the call will one day be answered. Spirit is patient and will wait for an eternity.

From the perspective of Spirit, the concept of eternity is an illusion created by the mind to define infinite time. Time is also an illusion which was created to measure the duration of events. The length of a life on earth can be defined in quantities such as years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. However, more important is the sequence of experiences undertaken during that lifetime; and even more significant is one’s achievements. If time is taken out of the equation, only the achievements remain. Thus, a whole lifetime is viewed by the Spirit as a single moment filled with achievements. Patience is the virtue which underlines a single moment, not time. Similarly, it takes patience to achieve. When Love and Truth underscores each of the achievements, then life has evolved (not devolved out of fear) and true happiness will fill both the consciousness and subconsciousness. 

It is important to understand and accept the inevitable; that the clothing of clay, the crucible of the Spirit, and instrument of the mind, will one day be shed. Like the mind, the Spirit (subconscious) exists outside the limitations of the physical and therefore is a state which transcends physical life. Whether it is concepts such as transmigration, reincarnation, etcetera, that are being considered, it is important to acknowledge that the energies of the conscious and subconscious exist outside the confines of the physical; and thus cannot be touched by the sting of physical death. It is also important to recognize that death is not an escape from a mental framework or current situation, but is more a change in scenery, where the conscious and subconscious experienced in the physical realm remains the same. Thus, when making choices about life here on earth, it is important to include the parameters which define the relationship between mind, Spirit and physical death of the body.