Part Twelve: Fear

The greatest power a human commands is the ability and the freedom to choose. Each situation offers the opportunity to choose a direction either controlled by the mind, or alternatively one designed by the Spirit. Although the mind hears the gentle call from the Spirit to “follow me”, the preference is familiar patterns that can be justified by logic. The safe or convenient pathways renders life in a ‘holding patten’. The way of the Spirit however, should be the obvious choice since it is the path of personal development, success and happiness. Additionally, if it was simple, the world would have been transformed into lush gardens blossoming with peace and joy, but clearly this is not the case. Although the Spirit is emboldened to open new doors and challenge the self to embrace new facets of life (that transcend the current state of being) fear stands in the way.

Fear influences choice by creating a wall which stands between the ‘holding pattern’ and the garden of peace and joy. It is important to realize that fear is dual in nature. It can present itself with many different names, show its face in the most unexpected time and place, or influence situations without one realizing what is happening. Through a history of personal experiences, it has become integral in the mode of operating, so much that it feels normal when it occurs. During the moment of stillness in meditation, life can be viewed with objectivity, where the role of fear (which is hidden within the mind), becomes visible. 

Fear was originally designed as a tool for the protection of physical life; for survival. The body will immediately and instinctively react to physical danger by pumping adrenaline into the bloodstream to defend itself with either a ‘flight or flight’ response. Over time however, fear was evolved to defend not only the physical, but some elements of the mind as well; thus its dual nature. Some of these fears surround the basic needs for sustaining the physical body. 

An examination of the psyche will reveal that fear is integrated within many of the psyche’s own elements. Consider the basic need for warmth, food or housing, and observe what happens when the status quo is disturbed. Out of the fear of lacking basic (such as food and housing) necessities, emerged the desire for abundance. Such fear evolved into greed. The tentacles of greed are prevalent; with names such as power, domination, control, slavery and violence. Schools of thought based upon such greed have been developed. The foundation of subjects such as Economics, Political Science, International Investment, Business Administration, and Policing are based on fear and blindly accepted by society.

The psyche is defined by elements which form the mind. Some elements are so deeply embedded that they form part of the cell structure of the body and thus can be repeated without thinking or planning. It becomes clear that the unique nature of each human being results from a combination of elements or building blocks gathered together in the psyche from different experiences encountered during the current and past lifetimes. Fulfilling the purpose for being in this realm requires disassembling the elements of the psyche and rebuilding each one to align with the Spirit. Love and Truth, which are facets of the Spirit, are key ingredients in the rebuilding process. The resulting transformation is a new psyche, and one which operates in unison with the Spirit. Since the journey to this moment in time involved a multitude of experiences and many lifetimes, with commitment and perseverance it is possible the return journey would require only this one lifetime. 

The method of transforming the psyche will become clear during the state of silence while meditating. At this stage, the elements which require transformation will become clear. Do not be disappointed if the awareness is not immediate; this takes patience. Pay attention to dreams. The symbols will offer answers. The symbol of death, for example would signify the end of a current situation while birth would symbolize the start of new journey; one which requires patience and nurturing. A house with many rooms would symbolize a psyche with many patterns to be resolved. Driving a car means life is under the command of the dreamer. If the car is difficult to drive, it means that adjustments in a life situation or pattern is needed. Such symbolisms offer the opportunity to prepare mentally and physically for the oncoming journey.

How each individual prepares for the challenges ahead will be unique. It is a personal war, and the opponent is the most difficult one will ever face; the psyche. It is difficult because the psyche knows how to hide its own weaknesses. The war will consist of many battles, one for each element of the mind. Remember that the elements which are to be addressed are the ones which do not currently align with the Spirit. During the process of mental preparation, four elements should be given consideration: Love, Truth, Courage and Strength. Firstly, a deep Love for self will fuel the desire to embrace the totality of life. Truth will be the foundation upon which the new life will be built. Courage is required to enter into this battle. Strength is required to overcome the opponent. Embrace these components as nourishment for the Spirit, as each breath nourishes the physical with life-giving oxygen. 

The body prepares for whatever is held within the mind. In other words, whatever is held within the mind as an intention, is created in the physical body. The subconscious prepares the body for whatever the mind intends, positive or negative. When the intention is personal change, the body is prepared by the mind to change the psyche. For example, food that is taken by the body will be directed to fortify the appropriate cells necessary to undertake this fight. Meditating before and after meals will enhance this process. 

Elements of the earth hold either a positive or negative potential. The potential is transferred to food which is created from these elements. Certain foods will harmonizes with Peace, Love, Patience, Truth and Creativity and offer the positive potential needed for battle. Foods from local areas will have healing properties for conditions for that area; for example, combating the negative effects of pollution on the organs of the endocrine. In addition, organically grown food will not hold properties which hinder the functioning of the endocrine. It is important to avoid foods from countries which have experienced nuclear events and likely hold elements from radiation that negatively impact personal harmonics. 

Treat all food sources with honour and respect. Food provides the building blocks of physical life, with the potential to be become cells of the human body. Be respectful to the entire planet, because (for example) what is now a table or chair or automobile was once perhaps the flesh of an animal or human being that was transformed by the earth. Decaying compost has the potential to one day be transformed by plants or animals into human flesh.

Honour all aspects of the physical body; for lack of sleep, over-indulgence, drugs, chemicals, alcohol, pollution, sugar, etc, will all negatively impact the body’s functioning. Thus, choose a peaceful place to live; one which provides clean water, pure air, restful sleep, exercise, and sufficient food harmonious to both the body and the environment. These are all factors which will enhance the functioning of the physical body. The ability to relax and still the body will be enhanced resulting in deeper meditations and greater awareness of the indwelling Spirit. A proper diet will not only nourish the body but also aid with removing toxins from the endocrine system. Toxins in the endocrine system hinder the connection between the Spirit and the flesh, and consequently, removing the toxins will strengthen the flow of Love and Truth from the Spirit to the conscious mind.

Honouring the body is a key factor for conquering life in this realm. This is the purpose of the Spirit. This purpose translates into hope. Hope creates desire. Desire creates intention. Intention creates an attitude of expectancy. With this attitude, the mind will prepare the physicality to manifest what is expected by the Spirit.

Mediation holds the potential to rebuild life. Daily meditations will open the channel where Spirit is connected to the flesh, and activates the endocrine to release hormones which fortify cells of the organs necessary to conquer self. Whatever is held within the mind will be built, positive or negative, thus this process requires clear intentions. Keep the importance of meditation in mind when planning daily activities. It is beneficial to meditate before and after meals to give the elements of nutrition direction. Meditation before dawn offers the opportunity to review dreams and set intentions within the mind to face the challenges of the day ahead. Meditation at dusk offers the opportunity to adjust attitudes by reviewing the activities of the day. Meditation before retiring to sleep again reviews intentions to be sewn into the fabric of the being during sleep. If the body awakens at night due to a disturbed mind, then take some time at the moment to contemplate life intentions, then go back to sleep. Expect dreams which will offer guidance. 

Expect that the fear of change will shift to Love as the awareness of the Spirit within grows. No matter the physical condition or situation, embrace this attitude and hold on to positive intentions with each breath. Expect every cell within the human body to align with Love and Truth. Expect the aura of Love and Truth to encompass life with each breath.

The cells in the body are as vast as the universe and each one is as unique as a star in makeup and function. The cells work in harmony to form an instrument for fulfilling the desires of the in dwelling Spirit, the human body. Fear can disrupt the harmony and unity in the blink of an eye. Similarly, fear can result in abuse, neglect, overindulgence, and can cause unseen damage to the relationship between mind and body. If one element malfunctions, then the whole entity is affected. Consider the impact on the human experience with a weak heart, or a missing limb or eye. Some elements can be addressed or will heal; however the relationship between the body and mind will be lost forever when damaged by abuse or neglect such as alcohol, drugs, etc. However, when all the components are functioning under the command of the Spirit, the harmony is experienced as spiritual joy. Be aware of the value of each part of the human organism and honour everyone down to the cellular level. Manifesting the fulness of life as the indwelling Spirit intends, depends on it.

During this battle of transformation, it is the Spirit which will assume the drivers seat, by challenging elements or patterns embedded in the mind. Spirit has the will and the strength to overcome the fear which locks the mind in a holding pattern. The mind will not submit without a fight. Submission means walking away from the familiar and entering new territory. Submission means the end of old and familiar ways, as well as assuming new paradigms which are based upon the facet of the Spirit which is Love.

Submission means that the mind must accept defeat. Guided by the Spirit, different patterns will be chosen, thereby building a new psyche upon a foundation of Truth and a basis where the elements are stitched together with Love. The symbol seen in dreams is the birth of a new life and henceforth, a new person will walk upon the earth.

Fear will be the greatest enemy one will ever face. The mind will use clever tactics such as logic, reason and even what it defines as wisdom to fight its transformation. For this reason, one need to fully prepare for this difficult journey. The symbols of death and birth will be seen in dreams to symbolize the death of old way and the resurrection of a new psyche.

At the start of this journey, there will be no other reason to justify a path other than faith in oneself and faith in the brilliance of Life. This journey is about embracing all the facets of Life. It is not about magic or miracles but simply about embracing the true nature of life according to its design. It is embracing the full potential of human life.

This Truth is available to everyone willing answer its call when the Spirit knocks upon the door of the consciousness. Blindness to the Truth is not a limitation of the mind, but the wall created (by the mind) out of fear to answer the call to expand awareness beyond the confines of its comfort zone. The practice of meditation will open the door to this Truth. Once it is visible (and it will be) it will only require a commitment to the self to manifest inner power to continue to choose the journey onward.